Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spoon River 2nd Day

Karin and Sophia were bored, it was so slow in the morning. Sophia had fun on Duke and Paris while she was waiting for customers.
Jenis made a believer out of Karin. She didn't think we should bring her but Karin soon found out that not only does Jenis know her job, she brings in customers.

At one point Jenis was not being used and decided to join in anyway. The people around were laughing at her walking in circles with no one leading her and no one on her back. We think she was showing the little girls she WANTS to be chosen.
We spent more time on the rides today, just didn't have as many customers and many of the riders got a lesson and learned how to ride Duke or Paris ALL BY THEMSELVES!

We had many happy customers for Jenis.

All the horses were requested but none as much as Jenis. All these little girls would come up and want to ride the BIG horse.

Day 2 started out slow. We decided for next week, there is no reason to start at 9:00am on Sunday, we had one customer when we first tacked up the horses, then no one for a while. We made $203.35 today a little disappointing after yesterday. It was Karin, Sophie and I only all morning, the other helpers didn't show up until after 3:00pm.
Because we were so slow, Susan got a riding lesson from Karin and by the time she was done, Susan and Jenis were looking GOOD!

Clean up started at 4:20pm and we needed someone to help with the left over cotton candy. The girl below was glad to help with that.

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