Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beautiful Working Weather

Steven was to bring Star over to Bridlewood today, when he showed up to feed Star has a big gash on his hip. Star is in with the 3 weanlings and no one can figure out how he could have cut himself. Steven made the comment unless they are wrapped in bubble wrap somehow they will find a way to injure themselves. Steven took Star to Hoerr Vet clinic and Dr. Pallen stitched him up then gave Steven the bad news, 2 weeks of stall rest. No trial period at Bridlewood at least for the next two weeks.
Mark and I took off for the farm a little after 9:00am and didn't quit work until after 3:00pm.
Mark started working on the tree line while I started paddocks. The Friesians were let out for grazing while I was working on theirs. Just had to get some photos they are so beautiful.

Left to right is Sanna, Ylse, Independence and Jenis.
Izadora's paddock was actually the first cleaned. Her boy is full of energy, runs around, nurses then flops down for a nap.

While I was working on the Friesian paddock, both Diane and Spark called to tell me about loose horses.
Steven pulled in with Star when Mike called, he was down the road at an auction and bought lumber for the 3 sheds we have planned. Steven was asked to take the stock trailer to the auction where Mike helped him load up about 150 pieces of lumber and a huge heavy gate. Steven backed the trailer into the barn and all of it had to be unloaded.

By the time that was done we were so ready to head home where 2 aleve waited for my aching back.
I am actually very encouraged about getting the shelters up before winter.
We are going to David and Stephanie's for dinner too bad we don't have a hot tub to relax in until it is time to go like RACHEL house!
When we finally did make it home, Sangria let me know she STILL needed to be fed. Mark helped move in a round bale.

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