Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trench Digging

Taunya brought Addyson over to play today.

We have the best time with her. She played with Emma for a while, played with blocks, then got tired and climbed up on Rhoda's lap.

Mark came home from work early ate dinner at 4:00 then headed out to the farm to start digging a ditch for the copper tubing that hooks up to the propane tank for the office. Mark used the pick axe to break up the ground, then I followed with a shovel to clean out the dirt and rocks.

After working about an hour we took a break to unhook all the hoses from the water hydrants as the temps are suppose to drop down to 25 degrees. When we walked to the front of the barn we found the door had blown off the track. We had such terrible winds the last 2 days, at least it wasn't on the ground.

Ralph and Jamie came out to help, Jamie held Star while I took the rest of the stitches out while Ralph helped Mark put the door back on the track.

And the finished product:
By this time it was too dark to keep working on the ditch. It is almost completely roughed in and across the driveway is already a foot deep but we have lots more digging to do tomorrow. Mark didn't want to use a ditch witch, there are water and electric lines running into the barn. This was hard labor and we will both be ready for bed tonight.
Ralph heard the gun shots during the night when Mike was shooting the opossum, knew the shots were close so got up and started checking to make sure all the horses were alright. He laughed when he heard about the opossum.
and more Addyson pictures:

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