Sunday, October 17, 2010

Karin's Youth Group

For morning church the speaker was Craig Stickling. What a sermon, Craig opened the Bible to the first chapter of Ruth. This sermon was so wonderful that the AC website was visited to see if it was online yet. It is not but when it is posted, I'll try to copy the link and post it here. It is well worth listening to again.
After church it was hurry to purchase our airplane tickets for the cruise in Feb, then hurry to the farm to help Karin. Her youth group was due at 2:20 and I just made it in time to help groom a few horses. She had Rebekah & Anni Davidovics, Mike & Diane and Steven Marchel helping tack and groom. Sophie and Autumn needed to be ridden quickly to make sure they would be fine as they were at Middle Grove for a while. Karin used Mika, Autumn, Sophie, Bunni, Sally, Larry, and Paris and all were great. She had 15 riders and they each got to go out twice. The kids were all pretty competent so Karin was able to do a lot of canter which helped fit all the groups in during the time allotted. Karin furnished the hotdogs, chili, buns, chips, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate bars and drinks.
They all really seemed to enjoy the picnic. Karin took the video and put it together for the blog. Thanks so much Karin. Just so everybody knows she is RIDING Mika when she is taking the riding videos.
The people that wanted to come today to see Aragon actually showed up at 3:00pm. As they never called for directions, I really didn't think they would come. Turns out last year they bought Sangria's colt, they didn't need directions and they wanted another. We didn't breed Sangria back last year but they liked Aragon. They checked him over, then Izadora's new colt, then Caden. They decided to think about it and told me they would call on Wednesday with their decision.
Rhoda schooled herself on Sangria this afternoon, came in and told me we really need a new video of her, she is SO fancy.
Yesterday Mike, Diane and mom rode the death trails. Mike rode Mika, Diane rode Sally and mom rode Bunni. By the end of the ride, mom was pretty thrilled with Bunni. That will be the horse we put her on from now on.

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