Sunday, October 24, 2010

Phone Calls

Yesterday afternoon the lady that bought Darling the Haflinger called. She had enjoyed riding Darling in the morning, then thought of calling. She told me the colt Darling had by Raven was the most laid back colt she had ever dealt with. She sold him at weaning, had never loaded him into a trailer so when they offered to deliver him to his new home she planned a good 45 minutes to get him into the trailer. She was shocked when he walked right into the trailer without one fuss and stood quietly. Then she was too early so just waited the 45 minutes with him inside. Darling neighed a couple of times but he didn't fuss one bit.
The other report was from Alicia Cooksey and her Raven daughter. Alicia told me that they have now been on her and ridden her a bit, not much as she is only 2 but she can't believe how easy this filly is.
The picture below was taken about 2 years ago, I'll have to ask for a new picture of this special filly.

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