Monday, October 11, 2010

Saying Good-by

After the walk today we had a tearful good-by this morning with the Reinhards, Joan, Tim and their 4 girls leave today for Haiti. Karin and mom are driving them up to Chicago in the motor home. Joan was telling us they are packing 600 pounds of gear to head back with them.
Sarah, Bethany and Hannah were so excited about the WEG vaulting competition and we heard how USA took GOLD! They got autographs and came back with many ideas, so many we thought there should have been a disclaimer at the games stating, "kids, don't try this at home!" Tim built a vaulting barrel for the girls in Haiti so they have that to practice on for the rest of the year. Karin is so pumped she wants Ribbon BACK from Middle Grove to start training the canter. She would like Ribbon strong enough and balanced enough to do a canter Kur.
Steven Marchal hooked his monster matching truck to the stock trailer and off we headed to Middle Grove to pick up 4 horses. All the time thinking we will only try to catch Ribbon for about 20 minutes if it takes longer than that, Karin will have to come with us the next time. We drive up to the gate, the horses hear us and come running. Steven walks right up to Ribbon and halters her. While he was walking up to Ribbon, Sangria came up to me, was haltered and led out, Sophie was waiting in line and was haltered and led out then Walker Sally comes right up to be haltered. What GREAT horses we have. They all look really good, well muscled and ready for the winter. We only left 7 horses there. Lily, Velvet, Knight, Wynne, Ciera, Valiant and Evan.
Once back, Sally was wormed with a double dose of Panacur and she and Sophie were taken over to the cabin field. Sangria and Ribbon were put in the middle paddock.
Karin has her youth group coming for trail rides on the 17th and we now have all the riding horses except for Lily (no room in the trailer) back for her. Rhoda is taking Sangria in a show and she will be brought to Bridlewood after the 17th. Rhoda wanted to practice with her but will just have to drive out to the farm for practice until then.
I left Steven working with the skid steer on the manure piles and took off for work.
TSC needs to be visited, we are out of equine junior for the kids.
Chloe was led out of the paddock here at Bridlewood and brought into a stall for a couple handfuls of grain. She was not sure she wanted to leave Duke after being alone for in the paddock for 2 days. I wanted to give her a good groom and pick up her back feet of which she did well. She is now leaving Wednesday or Thursday according to the transport company. This is good, will give me time to get her used to going in and out of stalls, today she was kind of scared.

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