Friday, October 1, 2010

TOO Many Horses

We MUST have too many horses, early this morning at the farm while feeding, Ribbon is standing at the gate calling to Raven, Star is in the other paddock waiting for his grain, Paris is loafing under the pavilion, Izadora is in the shelter eating along with another horse that for the life of me I can't figure out which horse it is. My first impression is, Oh Steven must have gone to Middle Grove and brought Wynne back, then no, I know he didn't go, it must be Bunni... wait a minute Bunni is also at Middle Grove, WHO is this? I finally figured out it is Chloe. Hey, not enough coffee, too early, too many horses, but most important was I forgot Chloe doesn't look like a yearling.
She was hanging her head over the gate waiting to be brought in and I am not use to Chloe even caring about people. This shows what a little attention does for a Raven baby. Steven is bringing Chloe in each day, graining her, grooming her, cross tying her and she LOVES the attention.
Karin has a vaulting practice scheduled for today at the farm and will help figure out which tack goes with which horse. Cathy Trent is lending me a water tank, Dan has a fenced in place at the Old School Center that is great to keep the horses in for the weekend, I think we are good to go for the Spoon River Drive.
Another cup of STRONG coffee is in order before heading down to work to pay the first of the month bills.

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