Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Email from Vicki

Hi. Judy. Hope you don't mind my updates. Just I'm so excited about Rohan. I just love him. He is so.quiet natured so far and so willing. My husband has introduced him to tiny horse treats. And has nicknamed him tadpole. I hope that doesn't stick. Anyway Rohan meets us at the gate now for his treat which he takes right out of your hand. He will provably bite me later but he sure got the hang of that quick.

We are always GLAD for updates so please keep them coming.
Met Steven at the farm early this morning, he was dropping off one square bale for us to look at. It is good hay but after talking it over with Mike and Diane we decided against stocking up square bales for the winter, they just seem to disappear quickly. Round bales work much better for us if we are not camping, traveling or showing.
After the funeral a trip to Sams for dog food was very necessary. Mark has one credit application needing to be processed so now it is down to work.
Copies of Sangria and Duke's coggins also need to be made for the pony club show on the 23rd.

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