Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Rhoda asked for a wake up call at 5:45am, no problem, ran downstairs to use the phone, quick call her then see there is a message from her that came in at 5:15am she was already up. She is house sitting and the dog of the house needs an insulin shot at 6:00am.
Darcy and Emma got to go in to Rhoda's work today. She wanted Darcy to draw blood but Emma wanted to go also. When we arrived Rhoda took them both. She only has her mini so it will be a tight squeeze getting home.
At the farm almost all the grain is gone but we had enough for today, which means a trip to TSC.
Mom made breakfast after the walk, mmmm so good, vine ripened tomato with a farm fresh egg, rye toast and a sausage patty. Mom decided to go along with me to Middle Grove to pick up Autumn as Steven's truck is now out of commission. All the horses were waiting at the top and within a couple of minutes Autumn was loaded and we were on our way home.
She is now at Bridlewood, Rhoda will give her some arena training. We have no video of her and very few pictures of her being ridden.

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