Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nice Letter

The letter below came from the lady that is going to buy Lily's colt by Valiant born yesterday.
I maybe jumping the gun, but I have already been thinking of names!!! He was born during Carnival Mardi Gras, the most festive time in New Orleans, aside from Jazz Fest.. All of the krewes have kings names like King Rex., King Zulu etc. 
Omgosh... You live surrounded by cuteness: foals & puppies!!!! :))))
Thank you so much for the pics!!! My heart is a flutter!!!!
As an ER RN for a Level 1 Trauma Center, I see so much... I thought it would be all the trauma that I see, that would be so hard, but instead it is all the broken souls. I saw on your blog that you work with prison ministries. That must be a pretty amazing experience. I have a lot of prisoners that are my patients. I also have a lot of psych pts. Many psych patients end up as trauma patients because they self medicate & seek out drugs & drugs deals go bad, then I see them with gunshot wounds. This week I calmed an assault /psych patient. Minutes before he was yelling on the top of his lungs on how he wanted to kill all the doctors & nurses. He has a bad laceration to his ear from an assault. God gave me the intuition to go talk to him, even though the police wanted people to stay back. My intuition saw that his rage stemmed from fear & revenge. I calmly talked to him & was able to get past his walls. He gave me the best compliment ever, he said, "You are a loving person, God gave you this job for a reason." Out of nowhere!!! God speaks to me through the most unpredictable or surprising sources!! I didn't push God on him, but since he opened that door... I asked him if he wanted me to pray with him. He did. A nurse walked up & her jaw dropped. This is a patient that had been restrained to the bed by hospital police moments before because he wanted to kill us...& she walks in on us praying. Later, she asked me, "What are you, like, the Psych Whisperer?" I laughed & said, "No, that's intuition & the power of prayer." A similar experience happened earlier in the week, where I had a patient with multiple gun shot wounds that was being very abusive to me because I would not let him eat as he was going to surgery. I felt negative thoughts come to me. He had pushed all my buttons & the only thing that kept me from snapping was a mantra or meditation that I said over & over in my head "God, please let me love ALL of your children." I said it about 50x in my head. God heard my pleas & answered it immediately. The patient called me over to him. He said, "Nurse, I misjudged you. I'm really not a mean person. I don't mean to take this out on you. I am afraid of dying. Will you pray for me?" I laid my hand on his & I prayed for him. After that, he no longer called me Nurse, but his Angel. My job is so stressful, 12hr shift of non-stop rush, rush, rush filled with angry, sick or people that are afraid or on bad drugs lol. However, it's moments like that make it all worthwhile. It is a balancing act to stay compassionate & strong. Many people grow numb & jaded because that is easier when seeing trauma, sad situations, the dying, the abuse,& what drugs do to people. I want to stay compassionate, strong & engaged with my patients. I have to keep myself healthy emotionally, physically & spirituality to help others through their darkest times. It can be a juggling act. 
Loving horses, animals, nature etc is my chosen therapy. Just brushing a horse lowers my blood calming. I can feel it. Nature's serotonin!!!! Lol. Now the possibility of owning the horse of my dreams, a Friesian, is almost a reality!!!! Lord knows I would not be able to afford a trained adult. Getting a foal, it is like making payments over time in training, which will one day be the adult that would of been out of my reach. Plus what an amazing process to be able to watch a 3 year journey from the ground training , then one day to the saddle. I am excited about the whole entire process!!!! A wonderful project with a trusted friend/trainer that practices natural horsemanship. 
Anyways, off today.. Need to be cleaning house, instead I'm dreaming of Friesians!!!! 
Please feel free to keep sending pics or videos : D
Thank you
 Thank you Lisa for allowing me to share your letter with others. Our God is SO good, He loves us so much He sent His only Son Jesus for us while we were yet sinners, before we loved Him. His plan of salvation needs to be shared with the world and you are doing your part.

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