Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dangerous Situation

The puppies woke us at 4:30 am so hungry. Now that they can all get out of the box they are locked in the only room we have that has a linoleum floor, the kitchen. Trying to walk over to the counter to get their food and water is nerve racking just sure my feet might step in something disgusting. The wet and sometimes stinky papers all over the floor can't be cleaned up until the puppies are eating as they swarm around ankles until distracted with food. By the time the floor was cleaned up and new potty pads and newspaper down it was 5:00 am and the coffee just about done. Not long after grabbing that first cup of coffee I hear neighing and it wasn't coming from the right direction. Right after that Spark called to report we had horses out on the road. Hanna City-Glasford road is a very dangerous road for big black horses in the dark. Emily went one way and found Anna and Eliza while Mike took his 4 wheeler and found the other 3 actually running down the middle of the road, luckily one of the loose horses was Ella and her white markings showed up well in headlight. He was able to herd them up our drive where Emily and I were waiting. We discovered Ribbon had broken the chain that latched the gate. We don't know how long they were out but very thankful a car didn't hit them. A car crashing into Ribbon would demolish the car.
The morning was just starting to lighten as we were working on the gate and noticed Star was showing. Mike brought Evan over and we got her covered then as long as we had help Mike handled Valiant for Lily's cover.
I was suppose to pick Diane up for work today but the car was dead so she ended up driving. We sent Emily to Skyline to pick up the 19 boxes of wrapped Bibles. Eva Jean opened and Diane entered the studies while I UPSd out 15 boxes to chaplains. When Emily got to the shop with the Bibles, Rhonda showed up and helped get them labeled and stamped. Diane and Emily took them to the post office while the rest of us finished up the studies and letters. We got all caught up. Not often we can say that.
After work Mark put the battery charger on the car. Diane drove to choir and after choir Mark checked the car and we still have no power. The battery is charged so hopefully it is something simple like a loose cable.
The puppies are now fed, watered and new paper down for the night and I'm heading to bed.

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