Thursday, March 20, 2014

Play Time With Israel

Israel surprised me with a 3 hour nap this morning giving me time to head out to the barn to watch Emily training Holly. The golf cart was in good use today driving back and forth checking on him.
When he finally woke up it was play time. He likes to snuggle right up with Darcy and uses her as a back rest.
 Diane was watching Irelyn and Crew for Rachel so brought them over to play with him.

All was going well with them until the puppy decided she wanted to play too.
 Crew just didn't like that puppy tongue touching his chubby cheeks.
The puppy was kicked outside after that. She will probably be leaving tomorrow. Rhoda, Sarah and Emily went out to eat tonight and took the truck and trailer, they are planning on stopping at Lowes or Menards for 2x6x16 feet treated boards to repair the fences the boys (stallions) broke when they had their big fight.
I had an unexpected visitor, Regina came by with her puppy Walker.
 He has really grown since she took him home. This puppy turned 8 weeks old on Tuesday.
Mark worked on clearing the field tonight cutting down a big tree that was encroaching on the alfalfa field. This wood will be split and stacked for 2015 winter. Slowly but surely he is reclaiming the tillable by moving back the tree line.

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