Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Darcy

Today is Darcy's 9th birthday and she didn't get a single card, no cake, nor any ice cream.
Poor Darcy. She looks pretty good for an old dog.
Diane came late to work showing up around 11:00 am but she brought a helper with her, mom came to read letters and help process the Bibles. We broke for lunch at noon then after lunch I needed to put 2 boxes of Bibles in Eva Jean's white car along with the studies she gives out for grading. I took my car down to the warehouse, loaded the Bibles into my car drove up to the front lot, parked next to a white car and promptly loaded everything into the back seat of the car.  Back into Meisters to tell Eva Jean her car was loaded and I couldn't find her. Walked all around looking in each office then finally Mark looked out the window and saw Eva Jean sitting in her car. I was wondering why she wasn't leaving so went out to tell her I'd already loaded her car and she could go, looked inside and there were no Bibles or studies in her back seat. I'd loaded everything into the WRONG white car. At the time of loading them I noticed a man's coat in the car along with a few tools, that should have been my first clue it was the wrong car.
Mom, Diane and I worked for a few hours more to finish up. The processed Bibles are now loaded in the back seat of my car, tomorrow they will have to be taken to the post office, it was too late by the time we finally got done, the post office wants them there before noon. I was thankful that Diane brought mom, by having an extra pair of good reading eyes we got all those letters read, the studies entered, and the Bibles stamped and boxed up all before 3:00 pm.
Diane drove to choir with her new van. It has heated seats and they were needed, the high today only got to 32 degrees. We are back into winter, tonight the temperature is dropping quickly suppose to bottom out at 15 degrees then slowly rise above freezing. Choir was a blessing. What a wonderful way to end the day by singing hymns with  a great group of talented people.

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