Sunday, March 9, 2014


We really struggled to get moving this morning waking at 7:00 am that felt so much like 6:00 am with the time change. By the time we arrived at the fair the Cookseys' had fed, watered, cleaned all the stalls and were working on sweeping the aisle way. We were SO thankful for their help. This gave us time to head to the livestock arena for cowboy church. On the way back I checked to see if the hallway the box was in was unlocked finding it still locked so had to go find security to get our props out.
The Friesians were performing at 11:00 am and our official horse fair photographer Jessica Sauder was waiting to get pictures of the riders and their horses.
 Left to right in the picture above is Rhoda & Evan, Anni & Anna, Mikayla & Zalena, Mitchell & Jenis, Emily & Killian and Bethany & Eliza. Below they are heading down to the livestock arena.

In the picture above they are having their prayer for safety before heading into the livestock arena.
The Sunday performance went even better than yesterdays with a surprise ending. The queen was humbled and made to go in and clean up the arena.
 Then chased out by Prince Charming and Cinderella
The vaulters performance was another great one. They sure know how to WOW the crowds.
 Above they are being introduced to the audience and below are a few pictures from today the rest are placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page.

After the performance we asked them to pose for a group picture and this is what we got:
 They settled down and gave us a pretty picture when asked. 
Evan and Rhoda were first in the Stallion parade and performance. She got first place in that category. They are such and impressive pair.

Amy and I headed back to barn 14 to start making the popcorn and cotton candy and found Sarah and Rhoda had organized the kids and most of the equipment had been packed up and loaded into the trucks and trailers. Karin sent the vaulters home early. Mike and Diane took the stock trailer and 4 of the horses home early while Amy, Emily, Karin and I stayed as technically we weren't to leave until the fair was over 5:00 pm. The man in charge of the breed and sport demonstrations came over special to tell us the vaulters WON FIRST place. We couldn't have been more proud of them.
Tear down and final loading went well, Mitchell and Mikayla came to help.
Rhoda arrived home first to find the puppy she called little Darcy has puppy strangles. She ran her to the emergency vet clinic for treatment and the puppy is doing much better now. About 7:30 pm the first of Emma's pups left with her new owner. One down Eight to go. Mark did an excellent job caring for the puppies while I was gone these last 4 days. Other than little Darcy the others are fat healthy and happy. He had a good system. Feed them at midnight then they sleep until morning. I'm not sure I can stay up that long.

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