Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quick Trip

Rhoda, Bethany, Sarah and I left the house at 6:00 am with the truck and stock trailer loaded with fair supplies arriving just before 7:30 am. We ate a quick breakfast then went to work and just 3 hours later were back on the road for home. There is still more to be done but what we got done will really help tomorrow.
Laundry was next on the list so I could pack my suitcase. When Karin arrived she helped move the popcorn machine into the new trailer. There are still a few things to accomplish before we leave tomorrow morning. The truck needs a new battery. We have the battery, it just needs to be installed. The car needs a couple of quarts of oil and we will have costumes to load.
Mark drove to church and our little Toyota Matrix held Mark, mom, Rhoda, Bethany, Emily and me. Ken Hoerr had the service on Revelation 19.
After church since we didn't take the time for dinner before we all went to Culvers. So tonight we filled our soul first then our belly.

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