Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lost Vehicles

Emily had 2 visitors from Kansas come this weekend for a little bit of horse back riding. Let's make that a LOT of horse back riding. They went first to Middle Grove where they rode for hours on the TN Walkers then back at the Hanna City farm to ride the Friesians.
They took the trailer to Middle Grove to bring Paris home. She dropped weight there and desperately needs her teeth floated. I'll have to schedule that Monday.
Braelyn's 3rd birthday party was scheduled for 12:30 pm today at Phil and Anna's. She is so grown up for just 3 years of age.
The next company came all the way from Oklahoma to put down a deposit on a Valiant filly now named Raven's Heart. The name came easy to them once they saw the heart stamped on her hip.
After checking her out of course they wanted to see her dad, Valiant. He had to show off a bit running and bucking around the arena. He finally settled down for a good roll in the sand. We were walking back to put him away when Emily, Leigha and Jody who were riding Indy, Anna and Jenis around the lake arrived back. DeAnna and her daughter were kind enough to ride the mares so I could get a few pictures.
 Above is DeAnna on Jenis and below is her daughter on Anna.
Of course more than a few pictures were taken and placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page.
Emily's company had a good time with the mares too.

 Above is Leigha on Indy and below is Jody on Anna.

Leigha and Jenis went flying around the arena. After the mares were put away the foals were worked with, both Rhiannon and Promise tied up and handled. They are both doing very well. I want to get a video of them soon, their movement is amazing.
A funny phone call came today from Diane. She asked, "do you know where our cars could be?" Why that was so funny is they made fun of me because I forgot the golf cart at the dumpster. Turns out they left the van at their office and the car at Meisters and were down to just the truck when Diane called looking for their vehicles. Mark was the hero, he remembered seeing Mike's car down at Meisters for a few days. He knew it was Mikes because of the cowboy hat in the front seat.

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