Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Louis

I had to make a quick trip to Sams Club and Aldi this morning for groceries. We were running out of food and I hadn't been shopping since before the fair. Rhoda was willing to take care of the puppies. With only 4 left they are much easier to handle although they woke us at 4:30 am starving.
Two more are leaving tomorrow and another is leaving on Saturday.
After shopping Emily and I started on the farm work. Lily was teased and still in so was covered by Valiant. Star is still in as she was showing to Killian across the fence.  Evan was brought over and she tried to get away from him but finally did stand.  Then Anna started to show. We took her over to Evan to tease and she would have nothing to do with him, put her back in the middle paddock and she walks over to Killian and shows. Killian is not interested in her but is very interested in Star. These horses are weird. They know who they prefer and sulk when we chose different.
Mark and I left for St. Louis this afternoon. He has a Trane dealer meeting there tomorrow. I started driving but got so sleepy with the sunshine warming up the car that by the time we reached Lincoln Mark had to take over so I could get a nap.
The traffic going in to the city wasn't too bad but going out was way backed up.
We are staying at a very elegant  hotel called Chase Park Plaza. They gave us a king sized suite with 3 rooms for just the 2 of us. After unpacking we took a walk around the area scouting out a place for dinner and breakfast. This hotel is way to fancy to offer free breakfast, they do offer breakfast but it is $20.00 each. Scandalous. Whats worse is they don't even have a microwave in the room and this is suppose to be a 4 star! I had to search for the coffee maker it was hidden away in a fake dresser. I say fake because when I opened it up there was a small fridge on one side filled with all kids of drinks and snacks and on the other side more goodies. They include a price list, a candy bar is $6.00  and champagne is $32.00. There were other drinks not quite so pricy $10.00 - $16.00 each. Why would anyone in their right mind eat or drink anything with prices like that. We found a grocery store with a deli, bought 2 pieces of chicken and 2 bowls of soup for dinner and a Subway about 6 blocks from the hotel we will hit for breakfast. So one can take the farmer out of the country but probably not take the country out of the farmer, we just don't fit in the city too well.  I was surprised to see so many people walking so many small dogs. Who would have thought there would be dogs in the city. Didn't see any Mastiffs though.

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