Monday, March 3, 2014

Visitor From Mexico

Our temperatures didn't stay at -4 within minutes it was -5 and bottomed out at -6 degrees. It was a cold drive in to work. I had to visit 3 banks to deposit checks and pay the first of the month bills 3 days late at Meisters. While I was downtown I stopped at TSC and picked  up 24 bags of pelleted bedding for the fair along with 9 puppy shots and some more shots for the horses here. The bedding really weighed down the car and I wanted to drive it right up to the trailer except there is at least a foot of snow between the drive and the trailer and the truck won't start. The hood is frozen down so it couldn't even be jumped. The bags of bedding were just thrown in the back of the truck. When the hatchback was opened on the car one bag slid out and fell onto the bike rack breaking open so that bag was carried in and dumped in Lily's stall. While there I snapped this picture of her colt.

At 3 days old he is filling out and strong. It is just too cold to take him outside but it is suppose to warm up some by Wednesday so hopefully I can get some better pictures outside.
Rhoda and I worked on taking a short video of each pup and placing the 9 videos on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. That sounds so easy but actually took a few hours.
One of David's boys from the orphanage in Mexico is visiting the states for a few days. Emily hosted him for the day taking him first to Middle Grove for a trail ride where he rode Lola and Cookie and then here were he rode Jenis and she rode Killian. I was able to take a few pictures when they were coming back from the trails just as the sun was getting ready to set.

Once the horses were put away Emily took Fede to David and Stephanie's house for dinner. He is going to be frozen and exhausted after spending the day with her.

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