Sunday, March 30, 2014


We had a beautiful day, a high of 62 and sunny. After church I sat out on the patio reading and just may have gotten too much sun. Indy was teased early, as soon as it became light enough to see but she is now out. I should have bred her yesterday instead of Emma. I gave Evan the day off today.
We had a really good day in church.
Mom, Nancy, Ruth and Fede finally made it down to the Gulf. Below is Nancy enjoying the beautiful weather on mom's balcony. She turns 50 years old tomorrow.
A very nice email came in from Vicki who owns a 4 year old Raven son named Rohan and best of all she included pictures. She writes: Baby Rohan is sooo handsome, My boy is growing up!  Isn't he Pretty!!! Turns 4 this summer. And so amicable and willing.  Raven threw so nice babies. 

I have to agree, Rohan is just gorgeous. Thank you so much Vicki for remembering us.
Prissy will be going to her new owner Kim once she is confirmed in foal. Kim lives in the Galesburg area and has her own Friesian stallion.
We really need to thin the herd to those that can be ridden and Prissy has never been trained to ride.
Mark worked on the living quarter trailer today repairing the 2 drawers that needed to be fixed then started on the new trailer taking down the wood work inside to see what we needed to have repaired. The 2003 Keifer Built all aluminum living quarter will be for sale as soon as it is cleaned up. It is a 2 horse with collapsible back tack. It can easily haul 3. It has a sink, fridge, shower that has been only used for storage a hot water system (never been used) a brand new easy open awning, queen size bed and is in great shape. We are asking $13,500.00 for it. Pictures will be placed on the blog soon.
Below is Mark working on the dressing room of the 2007 Keifer Built 4 horse trailer we purchased earlier this month.

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