Monday, March 3, 2014

-4 in March?

Our thermometer is currently reading -4 and this is already the 3rd of March. All along we kept telling ourselves "just get through February, March is sure to warm up." Mark got the wood burner going to warm up the house. The apartment furnace isn't working, hopefully Emily and Sarah have kept their wood burner going all night, if not they are going to freeze.
The schedule is now up for the IL Horse Fair. The fair opens at 9:00am each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The breed and sport demos are going to be held in the livestock arena each day. Friday it starts at 12:30 pm and the Friesians are second on the list with the vaulters 7th. Saturday it starts at noon and the vaulters are 10th on the list with the Friesians next to last and Sunday it starts at 11:00 am (with the time change an hour earlier feeling like 10:00 am) and the schedule is the same as Friday with the Friesians 2nd on the list and the vaulters 7th. The stallion parade follows the breed and sport in the livestock arena. You won't want to miss that as Rhoda and Evan are performing there.
This year for the first time the fair is going to be hosting Lyle East and his working stock dogs. This will be held in the coliseum Friday at 2:30 pm, Saturday at 4:00 pm and Sunday at 2:30 pm.
There are also demonstrations in jumping, dressage, Barrel racing, cattle cutting, cowboy dressage and all kinds of interesting things to watch.
The tickets are $10.00 a day or if you want to come all three days, the weekend pass is $25.00.
The evening entertainment is an additional $10.00.

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