Monday, March 24, 2014

Pot Holes

After the walk today I drove to Pekin to visit the Big R store. Emily said the Big R she shops at has the big bags of shredded beat pulp for under $14.00 a bag and we had just run out this morning. I bought 2 bags plus a container of dog treats. When Emily got home from school she helped get Indy covered by Evan.
 Indy is really getting tall. She is now well over 16 hands. Emily thinks she is at least 16.2, she is even taller than Jenis. Raven sure did make tall babies!
Emma was also teased but not interested. Sissy was teased and covered by Valiant. I was hoping she would be out so we could take her to Middle Grove but now that trip will have to wait until Wednesday.
Eliza is doing very well at Middle Grove. The guests that rode there on Saturday reported she is magnificent with her mega main and tail.
 Above is Rhoda cantering Eliza and below is Karin schooling her. Check out that mane!
After supper Emily and Mark worked on filling pot holes on the drives. They got most of them filled all the way to the dumpster but ran out of gravel. More is suppose to be delivered this week so they can finish the drives then. That job is such a necessary one but labor intensive.
Paris now has a dentist appointment but not until April 9th. Between Dr. Hoerr's schedule and my schedule that was the first available day.

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