Wednesday, March 12, 2014

4 to Go

Mark diagnosed the car problem and fixed it. We had a broken battery cable. That was a good thing I was almost out of puppy food and those little monsters must be fed. Plus we send a bag of food with each puppy. It snowed last night about an inch of wet slushy mess then kept spitting snow flakes and flurries all day long. Such a gray day. Braelyn and Taegan were suppose to come visit grandma but Anna's work got called off so even though it was snowing Lily and her colt were taken out for a few pictures.
He is such a show off, in the picture above he was posing and stayed that way until the picture was snapped. Lily was allowed to graze a bit on the snowy field and he spent that time galloping around her likitysplit.

We made the decison to place Anna and Emma for sale today. Anna is 14 years old and a nice quiet big baroque mare. Nothing seems to bother this mare. She also gets along will with the herd. She is not alpha mare and considered an easy keeper. That is if any Friesian is an easy keeper.

We are asking $15,000.00 for her but if we breed her to Valiant we will no longer be willing to sell her. That foal will be spectacular. Anna is FHANA registered inspected and approved for breeding getting a 2e premie at her foal Kuring and a 3e premie as a 3 year old. She could make ster if someone wanted to put in the money, time and training. Please visit our website for many pictures of this wonderful mare. The other mare we are going to place for sale is Emma. Emma is also FHANA registered. She is a 5 year old mare and a proven brood mare. She is for sale for $12,000.00 We will breed Emma to Evan for no extra charge. Emma cannot be ridden, her right hind leg was injured as a 3 month old foal.

Emma has a lot of years to produce beautiful babies. She is out of the Ster mare Lara by the approved stallion Wander 352.
Emily and I moved a bale into the middle paddock this afternoon. I would love to move 2 bales in that paddock at a time but the hog panels we use around the bales are still frozen into the ground and I'm too cheap to buy more.
We had 2 puppies leave today only 4 to go.
Diane drove to church tonight as we had a van full.

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