Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fair Information

This afternoon was our first trip down to the fairgrounds. On this trip we took all the tack, water buckets, stall decorations, popcorn machine, candy machine, prizes, and banners. The man bringing hay and straw beat us there but just by a few minutes.  Rhoda had already arrived so she and Sarah helped  unload the 40 bales of straw and 20 bales of hay while Karin and I unpacked the trailer. We were able to drive to the back of the building and unload right into the stall area.
 Below is our aisle as the straw and hay were being unloaded. 
 Karin and Rhoda worked on putting up the banners. They seem to be much bigger than 10 feet by 10 feet so Rhoda measured them. We were surprised to find out exactly how big 10 feet tall by 10 feet wide actually IS!
 Below Sarah is putting up the lights along the top of the stall front. 

 Above is one side almost finished and below is the second banner. 
 Below is how the stalls looked when we quit working at 7:30 pm.
We were tired, hungry and no longer making good decisions. These stalls are much harder to decorate than the stalls in barn 14 as no two are the same size. We still have more to do tomorrow morning on the stalls, plus will need to bathe 9 horses.
A very nice feature in this barn is the heat coming right into our tack room. We are going to be toasty warm this weekend. The 2017 Illinois Horse Fair is going to be one we will remember for a LONG time. We are thrilled and excited to be bringing down the Horsemeister pirates and the pirates are thrilled to be coming. If you have ever been even a little interested in horses or have sons and daughters, grand children that love horses you will for sure want to come and bring them down. Children are FREE and adult tickets for this all weekend long entertaining show is only $30.00. If you only want to come down for the day, a single day pass is only $15.00.  Talk about bang for the buck! There are lots of shops, lots of bargains to look at and purchase. Brand new horse trailers to walk through and drool over. The trailer dealers offer good discounts if a brand new horse trailer is in your future. The different breed organizations have fun give-aways, there are prizes, educational clinics, training clinics, jumping clinics, reining clinics and lots lots more. If you come stop in at barn 18 and visit the Friesians, go into the cave of wonders if you dare to grab a gold coin, pirate ring, or other treasures. The fair opens each morning by 9:45 am and stays open ALL day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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