Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arturo Sold

This morning was our usual Berean day. We had a very good crew and were finished before 11:00. To read about that click HERE. Once the Bibles were dropped off at the post office I drove down to TSC to pick up saddle racks. Those were on sale and I bought all they had (just 3). These saddle racks hold 3 saddles each and are regularly priced around $70.00 but on sale today for $50.00. What a great buy and something we really needed. I also picked up Arturo's shots. He was sold yesterday and I wanted him to have the first set of shots before he is transported to his new place. Arturo was the colt born by emergency C section last June.
 We had a lady from Florida ask if we had any video's of Whitney's movement. I had to look as I couldn't remember ever making one and sure enough we hadn't. Rhoda came today and was glad to tack up Whitney and ride her for the video. It wasn't nice outside, the weather hadn't even hit 40 degrees yet, the wind was blowing and every once in a while the sky would spit at us. The horses were all up and galloping around and we half way expected Whitney to put on a show but she was well behaved.

We  had to go inside for a bit to warm up. While I was downloading the video Rhoda took Tory out and covered her with Valiant. Emily arrived so the two girls decided to give Tory her first under saddle lesson. Below Rhoda is leading Tory up to the barn.
 Below Emily  was watching Rhoda round pen Tory when Ruby jumped on her lap for a kiss. 
 The picture below was snapped while Rhoda was putting on her helmet. Notice the pirate eyepatch? That was left on from the fair. 
 Tory was calm and quiet as Rhoda worked on asking her to turn or back with the reins. 
 Emily stepped in to help as Rhoda mounted the first time. Right away Tory reacted.
 She was afraid of the weight and threw herself sideways.
 Rhoda bailed.
 We had been told that Tory had been ridden but with her reaction to weight on her back the girls decided to take training much more slow. Ruby was introduced then placed on her back. 
 Tory handled that with no problem at all. 

 Next the girls would hang off Tory until she would stop moving then get off. As long as Tory's hooves were moving the weight stayed on. 
 When she would finally stand quietly for mounting Emily sat astride but just for a few minutes then dismounted. Tory was praised.

 By the end of today's lesson all they asked of her was to stand quietly while someone was mounted. 
Hopefully she will remember this lesson and build on it. This evening a trailer load of square bales were going to be delivered so I needed to move things out of the way and put down pallets. This was accomplished right after supper. Mark came out to help move the heavier items. The hay arrived around 7:30 pm but the hay guy brought lots of help and the unloading went quickly. Now we have a pallet full of bedding and plenty of square bales to get through this foaling season.
The mares were put in the indoor so I can have another good nights sleep. They really haven't changed much in their udders but are learning the routine and wait at the gate for me to bring them inside.

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