Thursday, March 9, 2017

Whitney & Hadassah Home

We had a very easy morning at the Berean office. The Princeville church was having a Harvest Call work day and took all the Bibles there for wrapping.
That meant I had ALL afternoon free. The truck was unhitched from the Exiss trailer and hooked up to the stock trailer. Galena & Oksana were loaded into the front section while Rosalie and Indy were loaded into the back section and those 4 were taken to Middle Grove. I was able to drive the truck and trailer right into the field before unloading. Ripper must have been in hearing distance, he appeared at the top of the hill when the horses were being unloaded and came galloping down to make a total nuisance of himself. He was fascinated with the open trailer door as each mare would walk out and kept walking into the trailer uninvited.
The mares were thrilled to be back at Middle Grove and each settled down quickly to graze.
 Ripper had to come over to check them out bothering each one. Rosalie had enough and took after him with her ears flattened. He got out of the way quick but instead of leaving ran over and jumped back in the trailer. 
I hiked up the hill to find Whitney and Hadassah. They were not in sight but Ella and Lily were.

Ella is showing her pregnancy. She was bred to Evan and is due May 23rd. Lily is due May 6th. 
 Most of the horses were in the summer pasture but Sheena and Mike had been grazing in the winter pasture, saw me and came galloping up for attention before realizing all the other horses had moved into the summer.  
These two took off for the far gate, galloped through and joined the herd on the other side of the trees. I hiked back down to the truck and drove the trailer into the summer pasture up the hill to where the herd was grazing. The camera was put away, the mares were all checked, then Hadassah haltered. I was pleased she let me catch her without much trouble. Usually she will only be caught by Emily. Hadassah was put in the back section of the trailer and the gate shut just because I didn't want Ripper joining her. When I brought Whitney up I had to take Hadassah out as Whitney is too big to fit in the side door and when Whitney was loaded Ripper followed her in. He had to be pushed back out and Hadassah loaded quickly and the gate slammed shut before he got in again. Like I said earlier, "What a nuisance!" Once back at the farm, Whitney and Hadassah were put in the middle paddock. A new round bale was put in the short shelter paddock and Anna and Zalena put in there. Another bale was put in the far paddock. Tory's paddock got a new bale and Valiant's paddock got a new bale. Valiant was locked in the field so I could move his without worry of him getting out. Of course the first thing he does is roll. He looks like a dragon in the picture below.
He had a good gallop then settled down to graze. He was called in with grain as soon as the bale was moved and the gates secure. Hadassah and Whitney are both due April 5th. We like the mares to be home here around a month before their due date. 
This evening Tory was teased and covered by Valiant. 

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