Sunday, March 19, 2017


This morning I hauled 55 gallons of water as that waterer that had been freezing up is no longer working. Then as soon as I got home from church moved a big water tank in and filled it giving up getting the automatic waterer working.
We had a good day in church although the morning service was light as the choir was singing at the jail for those 3 services. This afternoon was the communion exhortation given by Ken Hoerr. Always good to hear Ken speak.
David and Stephanie came over bringing their two munchkins, Israel and Elisabet. We were too busy playing to take pictures but grandpa brought out his kite to fly and got it caught way high up in a tree. He was able to get the kite down but lost one of the tails. The kite didn't fly very well with only one tail. Next Israel helped feed the horses then we headed over to the playground. Grandpa Mark and Israel ended up playing in great grandma's house with those many toys while I played Mexican Train with Karin, Hannah, Faith, Joan and Anni. John and Beth showed up with a really neat gift for everyone. They had a  2017 calendar with each one of the family member's picture on their birthday plus a picture of each couple on their the anniversary date. What a huge undertaking. I couldn't finish the game though so mom took my place while Mark and I went out to eat at Good Tequila's with David and Stephanie.  While at the restaurant  the man that came yesterday to see Arturo called. He reports he wants him and will call in a few days with payment information.
I won't mark him sold though until the payment comes through. Bethany, his buddy is going to miss him. Yesterday when Arturo was out in the round pen showing off, she was calling for him then when we put them back in she snuggled right up to him and almost looked like she was trying to hug him with her head and neck.
Anna is officially ONE day over due. Her udder is not showing signs yet of pending delivery so she was left out with Zalena. She went late last time but we are still checking her udder a couple times a day. Tomorrow if the weather is nice I'll try to get some updated pictures of her, she is SO huge.

I have a couple mares that I'm wondering if they are still pregnant. Ayanna doesn't seem as big as she should be but she isn't due for a month.  The last time I took pictures of her was at the IL Horse Fair the beginning of March but she doesn't look much bigger now. She is such a big wide mare that she could be hiding her pregnancy.
Whitney is due April 5 and I'm starting to worry she may not be pregnant either. She just doesn't seem to be fat enough even for a big mare to be due in 18 days. The pictures below were taken 9 days ago on March 10th. Do you think she looks pregnant? 

I have to take Tory in for an ultrasound in 8 days and I could just take Ayanna & Whitney in too OR just wait and see. 

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