Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Down 15 to Go

So very thankful today. Anna and her HUGE filly by Valiant are doing well. Anna passed the placenta and the filly has been using the big thick legs of hers to gallop around her mama in the stall. I'm not one to brag on the foals and really it isn't usually that easy to tell when a foal is going to be special but THIS one IS. Hopefully we will get some dry weather and I can get them outside for a few pictures soon. She is going to be a superstar in the Friesian world.
During our walk today of course we all had to stop in the barn and check her out. I had to leave after the first round for our usual Tuesday work at the Berean office. That was such a fun place to be today. To read about our day there click HERE.
On the way home from there I stopped at Meisters to pay a few bills and load the car with paper and envelopes for the Berean office tomorrow. When I arrived home I drove straight up to the barn to check on Anna and the filly. Both were fine giving me time to head down to the house to take a much needed nap. This evening Whitney was brought out and teased. She was still showing so covered by Valiant. Zalena and Hadassah were moved to the indoor arena for the night. I'm hoping these two mares will start to bond with each other so they can raise their two foals together. Anna and her filly will join them once their foals are born and old enough. Hadassah is bagging up but not waxing.
She isn't due for another 8 days but the weather this week is so unsettled and the paddocks are now very muddy. This will be Hadassah's third foal. Her other two both were born black, stayed black, had thick curly feather and really did look 100 % Friesian even though they are only 75% Friesian. Below is her first which was a colt. This was taken just before we brought him in to be weaned.
The second was a filly. Below is her filly at just a few days old.
This evening The stalls were cleaned and Anna and her filly moved into the other stall. Iodine was applied to the filly's umbilicus but it already seemed very dry.
One down 15 to go!
Something creepy happened around 3:00 am as I was rushing to barn for the birth of Anna's foal. I was wearing Mark's ultra bright headlamp. The light kept picking up the eye shine of the horses, all where they were suppose to be but then came a glimpse of  eye shine of something strange. The glow was about the height of a man. But people don't have eye shine just animals. Then I thought perhaps it was a goose flying that high except there was no noise. Maybe an owl as they fly silently but do birds eyes glow in the dark when hit by lights like animals?  When the dawn broke I had to check out the area and there were no obvious footprints. There had been a coyote attack on a 2 day old foal posted on Facebook yesterday and I even thought maybe there was a coyote and it had jumped high into the air when it caught view of me coming down the lane on the golf cart but that theory is just a little too improbable. I'll probably never know what it was but what ever it was it was BIG. A few nights ago Emma was having a fit barking at something. I put her outside, her back hair stiffened up straight and she ran back to the house the big baby. At that time I thought maybe it was a big raccoon that scared her but now I'm wondering.

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