Monday, March 20, 2017


We had a storm come through last night about 1:00 am that dropped hail while lightning lit up the sky with flashes of the brightest light. I wouldn't have known any of this except Emma was whining at our bedroom door which caused me to awake. When she was asked to go outside, she ran into our bedroom and laid down right next to my side of the bed. I was fine with that and promptly went back to sleep only to awaken with dread worrying that Anna, who is now 2 days overdue may have gone into labor. It was so dark that I had to take the flashlight to check on all the mares. All was well but after that I determined Anna and Zalena would be brought inside the indoor arena each night until I see a progression in their udder then Anna will be moved to the foaling stall.
Today the stock trailer was taken to TSC to pick up a pallet load of bedding and 4 more hog panels. I still had 7 bags of bedding left from the last pallet so the stalls were cleaned and those 7 bags of bedding spread between the 4 stalls.
When Mark got home this afternoon we unloaded the pallet and the hog panels. Mom is having company tomorrow morning and one of the ladies coming needs some horse manure. I found 5 empty grain bags and Mark helped fill them with composted manure then took the bags over to mom's. The field water tank was emptied and brought into the indoor and partially filled then Zalena and Anna brought in. Both udders checked with no change in either. They do not mind being inside, there is plenty of good hay to graze on.
Karin worked mares out at Middle Grove. She loved working with Jewel, exclaiming, "that mare is SO smart!" Karin is thrilled that Jewel will be available all summer for trail rides. This is the first time that has happened since she had her first foal in 2012. Roxanne and Rosaleigh are doing well in their training and Easter Lilly was wonderful today. No pictures, Karin was having so much fun she forgot to take any.
Joan, mom and I went over to Ruth's for game night.

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