Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stormy Weather

We had quite a storm during the night. It started with hail then heavy winds, lightning, thunder and a good downpour of rain. This morning the paddocks were flooded and we lost part of the roof off Raven's old shelter. All of the horses were fine but 9 of them were out in the yard grazing. The hail must have spooked them and they smashed through one of the gates. We found out a bit later that the same thing happened to Han's and Mandy's horses. They were found in the next subdivision over. The paddocks all have shelters but those shelters have metal roofs and the pounding of the hail on metal sounds like gunshots. Mark noticed mares in the front yard about the same time I saw some in the back yard. They all seemed to be content to graze in the yard so I enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading out to round them up. Jessica came down to tell me she had put Galena in a stall and one of the other mares in the middle paddock. The horses were put away and the gate fixed all before the walk. I was only able to get one round of walk in as today was Berean day. There we had a productive day with lots of mail. To read about our day there click HERE.
This afternoon Tory was teased. She is still in but I wasn't able to get her covered. Tory was tied to the breeding stand when a huge gust of wind slammed into us then rain started hitting and hitting hard. Tory was put away and I ran for shelter. The sun was still out and within a few minutes a beautiful rainbow appeared. Ruth must have been out at the same time and  took this picture from her house:
The sky was so dramatic with the bright sun shining under the dark clouds and a rainbow piercing through. Tory was put away, tomorrow morning Mike will help get her covered.
This evening the website was updated. Pictures were posted of each mare that went to the IL Horse Fair. I even used the one below. Check out the riders. What a group!

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