Tuesday, March 14, 2017

One More DAY of Winter

We never made it out of the twenties today and it is going to drop to around 12 degrees tonight. At least we had sunshine. The woodburner was kept stoked all last night and today. Mark brought a bunch more wood in for tonight. I'm thankful we have still have plenty. All of the automatic waterers were working which makes my life much easier. On the walk this morning I stopped to take the picture below of the snowman Joan and her children built yesterday.
Mom built a snow bear on her deck but Joan is usually pretty traditional using coal for the eyes, mouth and buttons. She had to get the carrot from Rhonda's house.
The rest of the grocery shopping was done today at Sam's Club. I stocked up on paper goods, bought ingredients for a couple weeks and even bought dog treats for Emma. This afternoon the website was updated. Mom brought over the book, 10,000 Miles with 10,000 Reasons  A Journey Into the Heart of Africa by Nancy Frantz.
This book was written by a lady that raised her own three children then God laid it on her heart to expand her family by adoption. They adopted a 4th grade girl from America that needed a permanent home and were sponsoring a child from Zambia Africa when she and her husband decided to try to adopt this girl too. This is a true story on how she and her husband were able to adopt 3 children from Zambia. True stories are always the best when they have a happy ending and thankfully this one does have a happy ending but oh my how eyes were opened to real suffering.

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