Friday, March 17, 2017

Warm Sunshine

We had a storm move in during the night dumping rain and making the paddocks muddy. Plus it was cold and cloudy this morning. Thankfully the sun burned up those nasty gray clouds and warmed the air right up this afternoon hitting 65 degrees. Karin, Anna, mom and I spent the morning going through the huge amount of toys in mom's basement. We hauled a lot out and yet she still has a lot of toys. Her basement is a child's dream come true.
This afternoon Karin came over to work with Evan. Below are a few pictures.

 After the work out she asked him to lay down and then let him roll. Oh did he enjoy that.
To see the rest of the pictures of Evan's workout today click HERE.  This evening we met over at mom's for games. Ruth, Joan, Hannah, Karin, Anna, mom and I played and the game was loud but so much fun. Even if I lost. We sure have a good time arguing and laughing together. 

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