Sunday, March 26, 2017

Pride Goes Before the Fall

The morning sermon was on king  Uzziah. This king had everything going for him and reigned in Judah for 52 years but became proud and insisted on doing something that was not lawful for him to do. It sounded good, what he wanted to do, he wanted to burn incense to God but he was not from the tribe of Levite nor a priest and when he insisted that He WAS the king and could do what he wanted God smote him with leprosy. We were discussing the sermon this afternoon then the subject changed to Evan and of course I had to mention how many people had watched his video when Karin asks, "exactly what WAS that sermon about?" Ooh she got me!
I know without a shadow of a doubt that ALL things are His and He has just lent them to me to care for. Even my very breath has been given by Him, and yet how easy it is to become proud. This afternoon was the Easter program. Mackenson had us cracking up, when it came to his turn instead of saying his piece he said something like, "God is risen" Joan and Sarah were thinking maybe his teachers gave him something easier than his two line piece that they had been practicing with him, but the teachers didn't change it, he did. He told Joan later, it was easier to say.
Joan, Sarah, Karin, Ruth, Diane, mom and I played games at mom's house until mom and Joan went to skylines for the Kenya talk and Karin went to volley ball. Phil and Anna brought the girls over to play while she and Phil played volley ball. The girls had such a good time playing with all the wonderful well organized toys at mom's house. By the time we needed to leave this is what the room looked like.
Ruth and Diane came down to help pick up but we have them so organized it just took us literally a few minutes. Thankful the girls played so well together.
After the girls were picked up Anna the mare not the daughter-in-law was brought back into the stall. She had not just rolled in the mud but had mud plastered so thick on one complete side of her body that if she does deliver tonight the foal would for sure probably get mud in his or her mouth while looking for the teats. I started grooming her but it was just so much that I ended up taking her into the indoor and washing the legs and some of the belly off. This morning for the first time there was a few drops of colostrum on her teats. It was clear and not enough to test but we know she is making progress.
It shouldn't be too much longer before she delivers, after-all she is 8 days over due. Karin came over this afternoon to help move round bales in. Zalena's paddock got one and Whitney's paddock got the other. She worked with Evan, Valiant and Tory today. The boys are doing extremely well, Tory still doesn't like anything over her head.

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