Thursday, March 16, 2017

Frozen Waterers

Another frigid day, the 3rd in a row and this one was the hardest as 2 of the paddocks had frozen waterers. I went out at 7:00 am to feed and check the waterers thinking that was plenty of time to make the walk by 7:25 except that half hour and more was spent hauling water to Anna, Zalena, Arturo and Bethany. It took more than 35 gallons to satisfy those 4 horses before I left for the Berean office. We had an amazing day there. To read about that click HERE.
When I got home even though it was now above freezing the waterers were still frozen below the ground. The horses had drained the waterer empty so again I started hauling water and this time it took just 30 gallons before they were all satisfied. Thankfully this evening the water lines defrosted and the waterers are now working. This should be the very last time I have to worry about frozen lines as spring is about to be sprung. The weather should no longer drop into single digits until winter. THANK GOODNESS! Mike ordered 5 new waterers and they are all now sitting in the barn. Hopefully by winter we can have all the new automatic waterers installed and running correctly.
No horse work was done except to check udders. Zalena's looks bigger than Anna's but no one looks ready to go. A few more pictures were downloaded from Evan's romp in Monday's snowstorm. It really is hard to get good pictures of black horses in white snow.

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