Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Price Is 10 MINUTES

What is the price of a good nights sleep? The answer for me was just 10 minutes of easy labor. Actually it didn't even take that long to move Zalena and Anna back out to the paddock and clean up any manure that was left in the arena. The peace of knowing if they did deliver early they would deliver INSIDE out of the mud gave me a good nights sleep without worry and was SO worth the labor. The man that bought Whitney's 2015 filly sent the picture below. Valerie (Whitney x Valiant) is 18 months old today and sticks at 16.3 hands!
Whitney was bred to Valiant last spring and is due April 5th with a FULL sibling to this gorgeous 18 month old filly IF she is still pregnant. I'm sure praying she is. Today looking at her I thought she may be looking more round and so was Ayanna but then again it may be just wishful thinking.
We had a good day at the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
This afternoon the weather changed from sunny to cloudy and cold. Karin got rained on as she was driving to Middle Grove so ended up not going. Diane is coming home from Florida tonight. She will be shocked at how cold it feels here.

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