Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Wedding

For the first time I can ever remember Peoria church held a wedding on Saturday. We have had so many engagement announcements that this weekend we had one today AND one tomorrow.
Karin came this morning to help with the training and the biggest job of all, putting together the new instant portable water heater.
We have someone that wants to come see Arturo and he had to be cleaned up. The weather is too cold to do more than spot clean but with the hot water it was a much easier job than a bucket of hot water and rags. Karin started her day working Tory first.

She was thrilled with how well Tory responded. Next out was Whitney, Karin worked with her while I took Evan's braids out of his mane. He will need to be rebraided but we could not find the rubber bands so that wasn't done but at least his mane was untangled and brushed. As soon as Karin finished with Whitney she took Evan to the round pen. He started with tossing his head then launches into the air.

 Evan obviously has the hair gene, just check out his FEATHER. The great thing is that he throws this in his foals, that and his amazing movement. 
 Karin let him roll, asked for a sit and then released him from work. 
 I had to get a picture of that face!
Next out was Valiant. He was low key as he had just been worked the day before. He was so well behaved his training session was cut short. Below he is sitting waiting for Karin to tell him he can get up. 
We drove to the Warehouse for our lunch break. The food was excellent and filled an empty hole. The afternoon was spent on setting a post for the outdoor arena. The storm took out the gate post and gate. That took Mark, his handy dandy skid steer with the auger attachment, Karin and I to get that job done. We decided next Saturday we will repair the broken boards as by the time we were done with the gate post we were cold and more than ready to come in by the fire. 

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