Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cleaning Tack

Mom had to take her car in to the Honda dealership this morning to get the airbags replaced. The dealership is less than 10 minutes from the Berean office so after the mail was dropped off there we drove to the dealership to drop off her car. That Berean office is such a fun place to be on Tuesday's. To read about how much fun happens there click Here.
Mom's car was finished after lunch, just about the time we finished working. Mom was taken back to the dealership to get her car while I drove Eva Jean home.
I stopped at Meister Brothers on the way home to pay the first of the month bills one day early and get the big truck for our trip to Springfield tomorrow. Karin arrived about the time I got to the farm and helped hook both trucks up to the trailers. When looking at the picture below I just can't help but feel extremely rich. So many years in the past we would be trying to figure out how to get the horses down to Springfield and yet now we just hook our trucks up to our trailers. Why are we so very blessed?
The next job was to organize the tack trunks, clean up the bridles, saddles and girths and make sure everything is loaded. No horses got worked today, we could hear the rumble of thunder as we were packing and wanted to get it all done before the storms hit. Karin, Rhoda, Sarah and I are heading down to Springfield tomorrow afternoon to meet the man bringing us 40 bales of straw and 20 bales of hay. We will unload everything packed and spend a few hours setting up our stalls for Thursday. Now I want to share an incredible picture of a hawk fishing. This picture popped up on my facebook page. What a shot!
and as long as I'm stealing pictures check out this awesome shot:

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