Sunday, March 5, 2017

Last Fair Day

Sunday greeted us with clouds but not too cold. Yesterday's fair pictures were posted while I was waiting for the hotel to serve breakfast. Actually I had to get up at 4:00 am to get them posted by 7:00 am.
Below is Jack working the audience while the riders were sword fighting. 
To see the first album click HERE.
After 3 days of fabulous fun at the fair we were all a bit tired. Karin and I didn't get over to the barns to feed the horses until almost 8:00 am. We found the barn swept and everything cleaned up. Thankfully Emily and Mitchel stayed late last night cleaning stalls, topping off water buckets and giving the mare extra hay so none of the horses were anxious about not eating early. Karin and I work so well together that we finished the chores in about 20 minutes. Sally Rush, the lady in charge of the entire fair stopped by to see if the Pirates could perform twice today but Karin had already told them they could leave after the first performance. Our performance today was scheduled for 11:15 am and I wanted pictures taken before the practice so everyone had to check out of the hotel a bit early. Jessica took amazing pictures. Below are the HorseMeister Pirates:
What a great group of kids! The performance went off without a hitch, the audience laughed, clapped and were thoroughly entertained. After the performance they rode the horses straight to the trailer, untacked and packed the saddles and bridles then led the horses back to the stalls. They then took down all the stall decorations and hauled everything to the trailers except 1 bale of hay, 1 water bucket for each horse, the stall guards, horses, halters and lead ropes. At 1:20 Eliza was taken to the carriage room for one of the clinicians who was giving a talk on horse safety. My camera had been packed away in the trailers so I just snapped the picture below with my phone.
After that talk, Karin, Amy and Rhoda brought Oksana, Rosalie and Ayanna in to join Eliza for the talk on bloodlines and breeding. As soon as that was over we packed up the rest of the stuff and then walked the horses over to the trailers and were on our way home by 3:40 pm. Mark was waiting when we arrived back at the farm and we were very glad for his help. He had put a new round bale in this morning then held the trailer doors for unloading. The wind was fierce and kept trying to slam the doors on the mares as they were backing out. Karin, Mark and I had the trailers backed, the left over hay and straw put away within minutes. So glad to be HOME! A few more of Saturday's pictures were downloaded and posted on Facebook. To see them click HERE.
I worked on a few of today's pictures but those will need to be posted later, I'm exhausted but euphoric. What an amazing weekend for Horsemeister and the Pirates.

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