Thursday, March 30, 2017

More Rain

We had quite a storm last night, lots of wind, bright flashes of lightning, booming crashes of thunder and hail. I was so glad all the horses here were under shelter. The storm took out our electricity numerous times. The right stall foaling camera is also out but I'm not sure the storm took it out or one of the cats took it out by crawling up on the rafters. I have 2 mares due soon so will have to get that repaired.
The rain stopped just long enough for us to have our walk but then continued off and on pretty much all day saturating everything.
This afternoon Anna and her filly were put in the indoor arena. This was the first time the filly has been out of the stall and at first she wasn't sure exactly how far she could go but soon she was galloping around worrying Anna. Anna wanted to roll but each time she started down the filly would take off and Anna would jump up and follow.
 Finally success. 
 Now the reason I'm sure this filly is going to be a super star is her amazing conformation. Check out how long that neck is. She also has a short back and long long thick legs. As she is for sale someone is going to get something really special, a fancy Friesian filly. She can be reserved with a $500.00 deposit then regular payments until weaning in August.
 To see the rest of the pictures taken today of this two day old filly click HERE. Today is Spark's 65th birthday and mom's 85th birthday. We held a surprise party for her and she really was surprised. Rachel told mom she would be bringing dinner over tonight but the rest of us hid in the garage until 6:00 pm then crashed the dinner.
 Above we are still waiting for a few more to crowd in and below mom is opening her gifts. 
She really was surprised. We finished the evening with games finishing after 9:00 pm. What a fun evening. After the party Hadassah and Zalena were brought inside the indoor for the night. It is still raining and even though they aren't due I'm not taking any chances.

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