Monday, July 3, 2017

Easter Bonnet's Injury

Karin and Elisabeth went to Middle Grove this morning to bring home Indy, Bunni and Missy. Indy is due in less than a month, Bunni and Missy are here to provide a couple of riding horses at this farm. The horses were all up by the gate when they arrived which really helped as it was miserably hot. Each time Karin goes out, thankfully she checks over all the horses. Easter Bonnet (Lola x Valiant) has a cut on her neck that needs to be treated. We are not sure how this happened but it almost looks like she got impaled on a deer antler. It will heal just fine but needed to be cleaned out and treated. Karin had a full trailer bringing 5 horses home in the 4 horse stock. Easter Bonnet got her first bath. She wasn't very happy about it at first but it was so hot outside and the cool water was refreshing so it didn't take long for her to stand quietly. Once she was bathed and treated the other horses hosed down, Zalena was brought out and teased. She is still in and covered by Valiant. Dakota was teased with both  Evan and Valiant in hopes she would start to show but still no go on her.
Karin and Elisabeth hosed off Bunni and Missy, tacked them up and took them for a fast ride on the 'death trails'.

As they had no little kids on this trip they let the horses gallop. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures of that ride click HERE. This afternoon I worked on the pictures from our Sunday afternoon trip to Wildlife Prairie Park.

If you would like to see the rest of those pictures click HERE. We rented a wagon for the afternoon so the grandkids wouldn't get too tired. Braelyn found a new use for that when we stopped to play on the playground.

Mark spent the evening scraping paddocks and spreading manure. He tried to order lime to put down on the paddocks but the place we order from must have taken the day off. We will try again in a few days.
Our other news is we got a working television. Well actually we had one but never had an antenna to make it work. Mark ordered the antenna on Amazon, it came today, he hooked it up and it works. We were able to watch news over the television. The antenna picks up 13 channels.

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