Monday, July 17, 2017

Beautiful Funday Monday

The air was cool when we awoke, such a refreshing breath of fresh air. After our walk, Karin came for breakfast and then it was time to work horses. First out was Coke. She was teased first and said, "no" very dramatically. Today Karin introduced the tarp with her. When Karin shook that out Coke slammed on the brakes.

Karin used it first to lunge her then placed the tarp on the ground.
 Cokes's worry cup filled rapidly and she let out some bucks and kicks but when the tarp didn't move she slowed down and started thinking instead of letting that flight instinct take over. 
 She willingly walked over the tarp before too long. 
 When she was comfortable with walking all over it Karin asked her to stop and started picking up one corner and letting the wind blow it up. 
 Coke was more curious than afraid after a few minutes. 
 Even when the tarp blew up onto her legs and belly she didn't move and wasn't afraid. 
 Karin draped the tarp over Coke both from the left and the right. 

 She ten tied it loosely onto the saddle and asked Coke to move. 
 This mare did very well dragging the tarp around. 
 Karin asked her to trot and canter carrying the tarp but Coke figured out very quickly the tarp is not something to be afraid of. 

 Next the tarp was hung onto the railing and the breeze moved it around. Even that didn't seem to be much of a problem.
 Karin laid the tarp back down and let Coke stand on it while she desensitized her with the whip hitting the tarp. 
 The tarp was taken out and Karin mounted Coke and just had her take a few steps each direction and back. 

 This was a huge success for Coke. We were both well pleased. She was taken into the barn sprayed off with the hose then fly spray and put back. Brista was taken out next. Brista didn't do as well but we didn't think she would so that was no surprise. Brista was taken into the barn before heading out and sprayed off with water to make sure she would be cool enough as we expected the tarp would blow her mind and it did. Below are the pictures of Brista getting worked.

 She actually surprised us with how quickly she turned to face the tarp. 
 Below she is curious and watching the tarp as Karin walked around with it. 
 Check out her reaction when Karin asked her to step onto the tarp. 
 It took about a half hour for her to feel comfortable enough to walk on it. 

 Karin was able to rub it all over her without a huge reaction. 
I left to start weeding the arena as it was getting late. Karin had Brista wear the tarp and finally settled down while it was on her but that was as far as her training went today. It was more important to stop when Brista was relaxed than start the next step. Her training session went on until almost noon. She was sprayed off with water then fly sprayed and then taken over to Evan to tease. She also said no. As Dakota was picked up yesterday we decided to move Brista in the paddock next to Evan. Hopefully being near a stallion will bring her into season sooner.
Indy was checked next. She is starting to bag up, hopefully we will have a baby soon. Karin left for Funday Monday and I left for Sam's Club then Berean. This evening Taunya and the kids came over for supper. We served bbq ribs, water melon, and asparagus. Taunya said there was a big group of kids over for Funday Monday at Rachel's. All but 1 of my grandchildren. Next Monday I must quit work earlier and join in the fun. This evening Spark, Rhonda, mom and I played games at mom's.

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