Friday, July 14, 2017

Training Coke and Brista

We awoke to a fresh breath of air. The heat and humidity disappeared at least for today. Mike arrived to fix the automatic waterer in the middle paddock that had been running over about the same time Karin and Shaeya arrived to work with Coke and Brista, the two outside mares here to be bred. Coke is the Appaloosa mare that is here to be bred to Valiant and Brista is the Paso Fino mare here to be bred to Evan. They are both owned by the Giant Goose Ranch in Canton, IL and both mares were completely untrained. First out was Brista. Brista was never handled, they have papers on her but I'm not sure how old she is now, probably close to 10 years old. This mare would not be caught. For the last 3 days most of her instruction here at the Horsemeister farm is to learn that she must move when we ask but if she would stand and face the handler she would not have to work.
 After a few minutes Shaeya was able to walk up to her and scratch her all over then walk away. 

 The next job was to remove the halter, walk around her and put the halter back on. 

Even though this doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment it really is. This was the 3rd day in a row Brista was worked with and each day she has improved.  She was teased by Evan but did not show. When Brista was taken into the indoor arena to be sprayed off with water, we discovered the water to the barn and apartment had not been turned back on. This meant some of the waterers in the paddocks were still turned off too. I was very glad we discovered it in the morning before the horses got thirsty. We got them all working then brought out Coke. Coke was taken right over to tease and said no very quickly and loudly. She was taken right into the barn for saddling. 
 She was round penned until she was ready to stand and listen then bridled. 

 It didn't take long for Coke to be ready for Shaeya to start putting weight on the saddle. First one side then the other side. 

 Today she was asked to take just a few steps around Karin both directions with Shaeya sitting in the saddle. 
We were well pleased with the progress of both mares. Next Bunni and Missy were brought out so they could pony Coke on the trails except we discovered Bunni was lame on her right front leg. The hoof was cleaned off, hosed and iodine applied. She was stalled for the afternoon. 
This evening was spent at the playground. The weather was so nice that Diane brought a couple of her grandchildren over and Spark and Rhonda brought a couple of theirs over. The kids played on the playground while the adults played Mexican Train. Karin won by over 100 points. 

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