Tuesday, July 25, 2017

No More Ugly

On the walk today I was trying to get the ladies to walk to the barn to surprise them with the new colt but it just wasn't working, finally mom asks, "did you have a new foal?" I just don't have much of a poker face. Roxanne's colt is strong and healthy. He is nursing well and even though she is a first time mom is standing very well for him. I was the first one to leave, needing to get to the Berean office. We had a small group today but everyone that came was willing to stay until all the work was finished. To read about our morning there click HERE. As soon as I got home the pictures of Indy's filly were downloaded for the website. She is just a bit over a day old in them. She really IS beautiful. For some reason when she was born she was just so huge that I thought she was kind of an ugly duckling but check her out in the pictures below.

 As soon as those were posted I ran up to the barn to check on Roxanne and her colt. He was following her so well that even though he was just a few hours old, they were taken to the outdoor arena for a few pictures.
 The sun had come out so they weren't left out very long. After supper tonight mom, Ruth, Diane and I drove over to Chad and Julie's to see their 5 day old son Boone Herman. Below are his 3 sisters Mercy, Libby and Emma who were very pleased to show him to us.
 Of course mom had to hold her newest great grandson. She still has 4 more coming. These babies are coming fast and furious. I think she will be up to close to 70 great grandchildren when the next 4 are born. 
 Emma, Libby and Mercy had to show us their bedroom. Chad is a builder and made these girls each their own space in the dorm room upstairs. Each built in bunk has a window, a light and drawers. 
 Their house is charming but I forgot to take any pictures of the outside, I was more interested in the barn. Chad is turning the barn into a guest house. 
 We got the grand tour. 

 Of course Julie did NOT do the decorating. Chad was showing us a few of the treasures. 

We had a nice visit. They live a long way from any neighbors and the girls were glad for company. After we got home it was cool enough and both foals are doing so well that both Indy and Roxanne along with their foals were put outside for the night. Tomorrow they will need to be brought inside the air conditioned barn as the temperature is suppose to climb back into the 90s. Rhonda came over to mom's and joined us for games tonight. Ruth won and I came in dead last, so far last that I lost by over a hundred points. We sure have a lot of laughs though.

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