Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Truly Wonderful

Today at the Berean office we really did have a truly wonderful time. Why is it that serving others can be so fulfilling? To read about our really great day there click HERE.
After work, it was so hot outside that the only thing done with the horses was to move in a round bale, catch Brista, and check udders.
Brista only took one step back before she stopped and let me scratch her on the back and neck. She wasn't too happy when I held her halter but put up with it. Indy's udder is  pretty full and it is easy to squirt colostrum but that is not milky yet. I'll probably test it tomorrow just to see if any calcium is showing up yet. No change in Roxanne's udder. Both are due 12 days. We are leaving the state and heading up north in 10 days. Sure hope it is cooler up in Michigan, this week the weather is brutally hot.
This evening Mark took a quick dip in the lake to cool off then we met at mom's with Spark, Rhonda, Joan, and Diane to go over solutions on how to get the coon's tail (water plants) out of the lake.

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