Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Another REALLY Hot Day

The cloud cover kept the temperatures down a little with today hitting 90 degrees but the humidity is so high it felt like 106 degrees. Karin and Elisabeth arrived to work with Valiant a bit then Valiant was taken into the cool stall barn and given the spa treatment. His tail was brushed out and braided and Elisabeth took the mane braids out, brushed his mane and forelock then rebraided them.

He enjoyed the attention. Karin and Elisabeth left for the Goose Ranch to help Shaeya with Brista the PasoFino mare they wanted to bring here for training. Shaeya was close to getting the halter on her but not quite tall enough. Between those 3 not only did they get the halter on but they were able to load her into the trailer for the trip here. Below Shaeya is leading her to the round pen. 
 Below Karin is working with her. This mare has very nice movement. Brista is a registered Paso Fina with very nice movement and is a beautiful mare. 
 She and Evan will make a beautiful foal with a lot of hair and great movement. 
 Karin hosed her off to cool her down after working. This was the first time ever for the mare to be hosed. She wasn't sure about it but stood pretty well for Karin. 
 Next was the dreaded fly spray. This was one of the problem areas with this mare, they could never get fly spray on her but after the instruction and then hosing off the fly spray was no big deal to her. 
Karin took her right over to tease to Evan but she did not show. Right about then Hoerr Vet clinic called to say they could fit me in this afternoon to ultrasound a couple of mares, so Karin, Elisabeth and Shaeya helped load Rosaleigh, her colt Ethan and Jamie Stones' mare Dakota into the stock trailer. We arrived at the vet clinic and it only took a few minutes for Dr. Hoerr to declare Rosaleigh pregnant. 
 Above Ethan and Rosaleigh are waiting for Dr. Hoerr and below is the embryonic vesicle. 
 Next in was Dakota. Dakota has been at the Horsemeister farm for 19 days and has not come into season. 
 Dr. Hoerr found the problem, she has a non ovulatory follicle. meaning the follicle did not ovulate stopping her from coming into season. She was sent back with a shot she will need in 2 to 3 weeks. 
Ralph and Jamie will pick her up tomorrow. Hope all works out for them to get this mare pregnant again, she had a lovely filly last year by Valiant. I had to stay inside this afternoon to cool down so worked on the Berean Blog. To read about our Tuesday one day late click HERE
Mark drove mom and I to church tonight. Tim Roecker had the message. We had the ICC/Bradley young group there and that is always a privilege. The singing is just beautiful. After church Mark took us to Wendy's for a late dinner. We drove home watching God's light show playing in the West. Lots of lightning lighting up the clouds but so far away we couldn't really hear the thunder until now and it is just a low rumble. We were tempted to just sit out on our patio watching. 

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