Thursday, July 13, 2017

Training to Load

A bale needed to be put in the middle paddock early this morning. The 2 that are due August 1st, Indy and Roxanne were checked and neither mare is progressing. I really need them to deliver before we go on vacation the end of this month. Otherwise Karin is going to be doing all the hard work. Speaking of hard work Rhoda arrived while I was at the Berean office and did our dishes. What a great daughter. That wasn't the only work she did. When I got home we pulled out Rosaleigh and her colt to practice loading. Rosaleigh did not want to load without someone encouraging her from behind and we need to have the horses load with just 1 one handler. Not to brag or anything but her colt was the expert at loading. These Evan babies are just so smart.

He is quite the show off. 

By the time Rhoda was done Rosaleigh AND her colt were walking in quietly and unloading quietly. She sure has the touch. Next out was Brista the PasoFino mare. Rhoda took her to the round pen and gave her a refresher course then took her into the indoor, sprayed her off with the hose then fly spray then practiced loading with her.  She didn't do as well as Rosaleigh but not awful.

By this time we were all hot and went into the house. Addyson and Braelyn played beauty chair with both of them wearing a pair of Mark's reading glasses.
 Taegan and Jack colored and Jace played with a balloon. 

A bit later Amy, my best friend arrived for a visit so Rhoda took all the kids and had them help clean out the trailer giving Amy and I some time to talk. So thankful she was able to come today, we had a lot of catching up to do. A bit later we took a golf cart ride and check out the clean stock trailer. Rhoda and the grand children did a great job!
Taunya got back with sleeping Abe so she and Rhoda took the older kids to the playground while I stayed back at the house with the sleeping baby. This evening after supper we met at mom's for games and were joined by Joan and all of her children, Rhonda, and Diane. Hannah, Faith, mom Joan and I played while Mackenson worked on his fort and Berlica played with a i-pad. It was a fun game. We finished at 8:30 then Rhonda sent the picture below of her 15th grandchild.
Above is Aden Eugene born July 10th, 2017. He weighed in at 7 pound 13.2 ounces. He is welcomed home by his parents Brett and Kari and his big sister Noel and brother Tripp.

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