Sunday, July 23, 2017


No baby last night. I got up at 1:00 am 3:00 am and then overslept and finally got up there at 6:00 am. Indy was very restless and not at all happy to be inside so was put outside for the morning. Karin will check on her at noon and take her inside if it is too hot.
Mom called just after 6:00 am to report her air conditioner was not working. We NEED this air conditioner to work. Mark talked about calling Phil but decided he'd better go over first to see if the problem was something he could fix. Below is what he found:
This snake may not look like much but was actually huge, close to 6 feet long and thick enough to stop the fan blades immediately. I'm sure the snake died instantly. It wasn't easy for Mark to get the body off the fan blades. Thankfully mom was up when it happened, heard the loud noise and turned the entire air conditioner off which saved the compressor. Thankful for a cheap fix.

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