Monday, July 3, 2017

So Tired

Yesterday (Sunday) I WAY overslept. We had a terrible night with Emma and fireworks. She is petrified of the booms and kept trying to climb up into our bed panting excessively and when a Mastiff pants drool comes out. I ended up in the family room on the couch and finally got to sleep at 4:30 am. Mark and I skipped church and just listened on line. I wish we had gone, it just didn't feel like a Sunday. In the afternoon we met David, Stef, Israel, Elisabet, Phil, Anna, Braelyen, Taegen, Kensley, Sarah and Nolan at Wildlife Prairie park. It was hot but the kids thoroughly enjoyed the park. Lots of pictures were taken but none downloaded.
The kids and grandkids came here for dinner. Volley ball was called off as most of the players are gone. The kids and grandkids had fun swimming and swimming was the perfect activity since it was hot and sunny.
Mark and I did not go, instead I stayed at the computer and finished downloading all the pictures taken during the pony rides at the goose ranch. There were so many that I split them into two separate albums. If you were there early and want to check out the first album click HERE.
If you came a bit later and want to see if your child is in the second album click HERE.
We ended up playing games in the evening.

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