Thursday, July 6, 2017

Balancing Act

Today was Berean day and we had a lot of mail but I had plans at noon. Not fun plans or anything like, just a balancing act. We worked at the  Berean office until 11:00 am then I gave everyone the option of leaving and leaving the rest of the work for Tuesday. I left before anyone else so not sure how many stayed or how much got done but there was so much work there will be plenty for the Tuesday group.
The Horsemeister check book hadn't been balanced since January. SIX months of statements awaited along with 6 months of the credit card statement to go through for quick books. I'm PROUD to say it only took 3 hours. Well it took 3 hours for me to be satisfied, not sure Diane was too happy as I just went off the statements not the actual checkbook but for that to come out perfect each month according to the bank statements was a real accomplishment. I guess it is pretty easy to figure out I'm not the accountant in the family. Diane made the remark it would be easier to just do it herself but we just couldn't get her to taken on that job again. The good news is we are still in the black, the bad news is the check book is almost empty. We'd better sell a horse quick before the next hay bill is due.
I had 3 calls on Whitney and all three want her but one didn't want the foal, one wanted to know if Whitney would be suitable as a therapy horse for the wounded warrior program and the 3rd doesn't have a trailer available. So no we won't sell her cheap and accept the foal back after weaning. There is just too much risk that we actually would not get the foal back and Whitney is WAY to nice to sell for $2000.00. I do not believe Whitney would be good for the wounded warrior program and explained why to that person and the 3rd just wants her for trail riding which would be perfect but I refuse to trailer anymore. If they want really want her they will find a way.
The other horse news is no news. None of the outside horses are in season. We are waiting for 2 of them to start to show.
This evening mom, Joan, Sarah, Diane, Rhonda and I played Mexican train at mom's house. We were joined by Hannah and all had a good time. It really is all about the company. I'm thankful for family.

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