Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fun Times at State Park Farm

We had another beautiful weather day yesterday Saturday July 15th, 2017. Karin came early to help transport 6 horses to Middle Grove. We loaded up Lola, EasterBonnet, Rosaleigh, Ethan, Sally and Eli and dropped them off at the horse paradise. The herd was not in sight but the horses all took off running to find them. Spark arrived as we were unloading and we passed Mike going to Middle Grove as we were heading home. They both had work there.
Kayla, a new horse admirer pulled into the farm driveway just before us.  She wanted to watch Karin train then take a ride. Below Karin is working with Brista.
 Below is Kayla 
 Diane arrived on her trusty golf cart with 2 of her grand children.
 The training session went well, below Karin is hosing Brista off. She stood much better today for that and for the fly spray.
 Coke was taken out next. Karin got on her today after her session but I wasn't around to record it, I was helping Mark.
 Mark had a very productive day, the mower was attached, Valiant moved, his pasture mowed, Indy and Roxanne moved and their pasture mowed. A bit later he got the trails mowed too until he ran out of diesel with the tractor. He took a break and went into town to buy more and also picked up groceries. Karin took Kayla out on the trails after the training was finished. She rode Zalena while Kayla rode Missy.

 Below the horses were going to come galloping up the hill just as Diane and the grandchildren showed up. They had been over at Anni's holding the new bunny Anni's dog brought her. 
Karin had Zalena and Missy gallop up the dam trail which is a little wider than the cabin trail so I could try to take a short video. 
Once the horses were  put away we went to the Warehouse for a quick lunch. Karin headed over to mom's and I got ready to head to State Farm Park where the family was meeting. Phil and Anna picked me up. Below are a few pictures the rest will be worked on later. 

We had a fun afternoon and evening getting back almost 10:00 pm. 

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