Monday, July 10, 2017


The thunder started rolling in before 5:00 am but way in the distance. The storm reached us just before we were scheduled to walk but quit after only dropping about 2 tenths of an inch. Taunya left Abe with me and took the rest of the kids to VBS. I took Abe over to mom's on the golf cart and joined Karin and mom for breakfast. When Taunya arrived to pick up Abe, Karin came with me to start work, first raking and pulling weeds in the outdoor arena.
Then bringing out Lola and her filly by Valiant named EasterBonnet for a short video. Below is that video.

She didn't show off as much as we had hoped but still even when she is not showing off has decent movement. I took a few still shots too to update the website.

Next out was Eli and his foster mom Walker Sally. When this colt started moving both Karin and I exclaimed, "WOW!" this 7 week old colt can really move.

He is doing so well that I will probably take he and Sally to Middle Grove soon to be with the rest of the herd. Below are a few pictures of Eli taken today.

The last foal out was Rosaleigh's colt by Evan. We did not make a video of him, we like to wait until the foals are almost 2 months old before we do that and this colt isn't even 1 month old.

This colt is very friendly and probably the most beautiful foal born on the horsemeister farm this year. We were sure someone would snatch him up quickly, but here he is almost a month old and still for sale. We are only asking $8000.00 for him which is a bargain for a foal of his quaility. If he doesn't sell soon we will pray about keeping him for the future. As soon as we finished I needed to take off for the grocery stores getting home around 1:00 pm. The grand kids had just finished lunch and were heading over to cool off in the lake.

We all came back to the house for dinner. After supper Nolan sent a text that a tornado was spotted in Hanna City. We had not been paying attention to the weather as the kids were playing kind of noisy. Sure enough the rain started pounding down, then the wind and the hail started slamming into the house. By the time we finally were aware that there was a tornado in the area it has already passed by thankfully missing us. What it did give us is more rain, lots of rain almost 2 inches. We are thankful these dry thirsty fields now have had a decent drink.  This evening Taunya took the kids over to Phil and Anna's, Mark stayed home and I went to mom's to play games. We were joined by Diane, Joan and all of her kids. Sarah won again!

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